Margaret(Peig) Frakes Miota, BSN, MSW,OM is a Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Teacher, international presenter, and author of numerous articles related to personal transformation and energy frequency healing. As a nurse, psychologist and ordained minister, her work involves teaching people how to heal themselves in body, mind and spirit. Peig has studied and worked with internationally recognized teachers in the field of energy medicine and spiritual transformation. She completed the two year study program in Cosolargy at the International Jamilian University in Reno, NV.

Peig currently combines the ancient art of healing with the most current research and technology in the field of energy frequency healing. She specializes in LED Light Energy Therapy, Bio-Acoustic Voice Frequency Profiles, and teaching the Science of Light Energy Consciousness. She has traveled  globally to study healing and spiritual traditions across all cultures. Her most recent trips were to South Africa and Zimbabwe to experience the ancient Solar Cultures there, and present seminars on Energy Frequency Healing, Spiritual DNA Activation and Solar Consciousness.

Peig developed and facilitates a Solar Light and Cosmic Consciousness Private Study Program. She also teaches Introduction to Cosolargy, Esoteric Astrology, and Soul Passage Training. Her current practice at the Infinity Healing Center includes Soul Genesis Matrix Readings, Heart Living Counseling and Emotional Energy Balance Counseling.

“ We are entering a new millennium, a time to understand that our greatest responsibility is to heal ourselves by connection to Divine Light Consciousness through love. This integration involves awakening the soul within us as a foundation for receiving and giving love without condition or judgement. Unconditional love involves honoring and accepting choices others make regarding their readiness to begin their healing journey. It is personal transformation that has the power to transform the world.” Margaret Frakes Myota

Can you answer the following questions to your complete satisfaction?

  • Do you have a healthy physical body?
  • Can you control bad habits that compromise your health?
  • Are you healthy emotionally?
  • Do you know how to honor, acknowledge, experience and release your emotions on a daily basis?
  • Are you intellectually healthy?
  • Do you know how to use your mind as a tool to control your physical, emotional, and intellectual health?
  • Are you spiritually healthy?
  • Do you take time to define and reflect on your spiritual beliefs and values?
  • Are you demonstrating your beliefs and values in your daily life?
  • As a professional, have you integrated your beliefs and values into your professional vision?
  • Do you know what your life purpose is?
  • What do you believe about death?
  • Do you believe you have a soul?
  • Do you believe your life is directed by your soul?
  • Are you experiencing meaning and purpose in your life?
  • Are you contributing your special talents to make the world a better place?

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