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Counseling, Consultations and Healing Therapy     

Opening one's heart center to unconditional love allows life choices to be made that provide the opportunity for Balance and Wholeness.  Physical, emotional, spiritual crises and major life transitions provide the opportunity for spiritual growth.


This therapy assists individuals to resolve life problems by approaching challenges as opportunities for growth and change. Clients learn how to live from their heart center to achieve a positive response to even the most difficult life experiences.

Cost: $100


Death is a sacred transition made by the soul. This counseling is for individuals ready to make their transition to the spiritual world, and family members who want to support their loved ones during this sacred time. This counseling is not based on any specific religious tradition, but does incorporate ancient spiritual rites of
passage used across many cultures. It assists individuals participate in their soul’s passage in a profound, peaceful way.

Cost: $100


To achieve optimal health and healing requires balancing emotions stored within the cell memory of the physical body. The process involves consciously releasing blockages that impede physical, psychological and emotional healing. Specific exercises are given that allow clients to actively participate in the body’s ability to heal itself.

Cost: $100


Individual sessions that assist clients heal from the painful process of grief by releasing feelings of loss, learning about the continuity of consciousness after death, and developing the ability to have a believable experience of communication with their deceased loved one.

Cost: $100


Gentle visualization and guided imagery that are controlled by the client at all times, are used to assist in releasing emotional blockages from current and past life memories stored in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy field.

Cost: $100


Sessions for expectant mothers, fathers and family members to learn how to communicate loving words, thoughts and feelings to the unborn child.  Sharing physical, emotional and divine love with the baby during pregnancy bonds the mother, father and family members with both the infant's heart  and soul.  The baby is born feeling welcomed into the family and the world fully loved.

Cost: $100


Wholistic Health Consultation
This consultation is useful for individuals seeking an evaluation of their physical, energetic and emotional health who are invested in defining goals for taking responsibility for their health and healing.

Cost: $150

BioAcoustic Voice Frequency Evaluations
This evaluation includes a recording of the client’s voice to analyze mathematical patterns and the bio-energy field to identify and prescribe information for self-healing. The voice represents the deepest level of inner physical, emotional and psychological conflict. This evaluation allows one to discover the hidden secrets, challenges and capabilities to resolve those inner conflicts.

Cost: $100

Soul Genesis Matrix Reading
This consultation helps to define the soul’s purpose and design created by the soul to develop the specific qualities needed to reach one’s highest potential. In this Program clients will learn: their essential purpose for this lifetime, to be empowered to relate to their human self in a more loving, liberated way, to define the ONE thing that must be mastered to have successful relationships with people, money and all life circumstances.

Cost: $200


Light Energy Therapy
This healing therapy infuses low level pulsating red, blue and Infra-red light into the cells and energy system of the body using flexible body pads.

Benefits include:
relaxation, increased circulation, relief from pain and increased energy.

Cost: $50


- EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
- Bio Energetic Emotional Release Therapy
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Visualization and Guided Therapy
- Heart Centered Healing
- Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
- Negative Energy Clearing
- Individual / Couples / Family Therapy
- Wholistic Health Evaluations
- Aura Color Personality Profile Analysis

For more information go to: www.healing-place.net

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