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This Certified Training Program is designed for a variety of health care professionals including nurses, massage therapists, social work therapists, physicians and chiropractors to learn how to incorporate heart centered energy healing into their chosen professional work.

This 12 month program is based on the philosophy that to practice whole self care, the practioner must first learn to care for their own “ whole self” before assisting others in taking responsibility for self-healing to attain health and return to wholeness.

This three semester practitioner training program includes didactic material, experiential classes and a supervised practicum for assisting practitioners to develop their own integrated structure for energy healing work. The supervised practicum experience includes 4 weeks of clinician work. The clinic is open to local health related support groups and family members. Their is no charge to clients for these healing services.

Specific healing modalities taught include Reiki, Heart Centered Healing and Radiant Heart Healing. Continuing education units can be applied for individually by most licensed practitioners. The training center is offers CEU’s for massage therapists. There is no current Wisconsin licensure or accreditation for energy healing work.

Reiki I and II Certificates are included in this program. A Certificate of program completion is also included.

For further information call 262-719-0030 or email: PMYOTA@SBCGLOBAL.NET

Cost: $2,400

Mind Power - The Competitive Edge ™

This 6 month training program is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who "dare to make a difference" by learning to use "Mind Power as a the Competitive Edge" for business success. Using emotional intelligence to impact business relationships, understanding how the mind works, and how to "be the change" to transform the global corporate culture is incorporated.

Application Completion and Interview for Program Acceptance
Student Mentoring Cost $90.00

Cost: $1200

Solar Light Private Study Program

For thousands of years advanced ancient cultures have known how to work with the sun to enhance health, increase longevity and expand spiritual consciousness.  These teachings are being revealed to the world at this time of global crisis to assist humanity experience a regeneration of spirit and soul.  The spiritual-scientific system of Cosolargy is one of the modern disciplines that teach techniques related to working with the sun to enhance energy and activate the process of personal transformation.

This five lesson private study program is designed for those who want to begin a structured study program with monthly lessons that include daily excercises that incorporate how to work with the sun to have a personal experience with expanded spiritual consciousness.

LESSON I: The Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing Benefits of the Sun
LESSON II: The Science of Cosolargy and the History of Ancient Cultures That Understood the Use of the Sun For Spiritual Growth
LESSON III: Scientific Research Related to the Safe Use of the Sun For Spiritual Growth
LESSON IV: The Integration of Science and Spirituality as A Basis For Working with the Sun
LESSON V: Using Sun Viewing as a Discipline for Developing Higher Mind Consciousness and Life Purpose

Lesson: $150

Student Mentoring: $90

Solar Light Study Group

This monthly study group will be based on theory from advanced ancient cultures who taught techniques to work with the sun to enhance health and expand consciousness.  Students will have the opportunity to share their experiences working with specific solar techniques and how those techniques have provided a personal experience of connecting with Intelligent Light Information.  The focus for the group will include guidelines for using a safe, graduated approach to working with the sun on a daily basis.

Saturdays 1:00 - 2:30

Study Group: $75

Cosmic Consciousness Private Study Program

This study program is designed for advanced students interested in developing a daily meditation practice that enhances their ability to consciously communicate with their Higher Self. It is based on the science of how cosmic light energy contains the blueprint for expanding spiritual consciousness. Students learn practices that teach them how to sustain the increased vibrational energy needed to receive information for healing and personal transformation. Facilitated by Peig Myota, BSN, MSW.

Student Mentoring Cost $90.00

Lesson Cost $150.00


This private study program is designed for those dedicated to living their life vision. It incorporates defining core principles and values that must be integrated with one's personality qualities to achieve the ability to demonstrate their unique life purpose. Facilitated by Peig Myota.

Student Mentoring Cost $90, Lesson Cost $150

Soul Passage Training

This training program was designed to teach advanced students how to assist individuals and family members with the sacred process of incoming and outgoing soul passage. There is no religious affiliation needed to do this work. This sacred work does require an open heart, an internalized belief in the concept of eternal life, and the self-confidence to be available to communicate with Divine Beings guiding this work. Protocols will be given for how to do Soul Passage work in person and by long distance. Facilitated by Peig Myota, BSN, MSW.

Training Program Cost $200

Soul Centered Counseling Training

This training program is for advanced students interested in developing a spiritual counseling practice that incorporates a structured method for assisting clients learn how to live from their Heart Center. A specific model for human and divine consciousness will be taught, along with specific protocols for working with client emotions, belief systems, attitudes and behaviors that block the mind-body energy system. This model for healing body, mind, and emotions was developed over 40 years of successful counseling work in clinical and holistic health settings. The overall focus for this certified training program is to teach a method for developing spiritual consciousness to assist clients to define and demonstrate their heart living soul's purpose. Students interested in this training will be evaluated for both appropriate educational requirements and personal spiritual experience as prerequisites. Facilitated by Peig Myota, BSN, MSW.

Training Program Cost $2,400


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